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N.C. police push for open prescription records

Posted by Oxy Watchdog on September 7, 2010

An association of sheriffs in North Carolina wants to allow law enforcement officials full access to the state’s prescription monitoring program in a bid to curb doctor shopping and abuse of narcotics, reports an article in the Charlotte Observer. Patient advocates in the state argue that such a move would violate privacy and cause a chilling effect on necessary use of pain medication such as OxyContin. Though North Carolina’s Controlled Substance Reporting System mirrors that of other states and is open to doctors, pharmacists, and certain government agents, police cannot apply for access. A similar bill was challenged by the ACLU in 2007 due to privacy concerns, and as it stands, only 30 percent of the state’s doctors and pharmacies have registered to use the existing system.

In the first six months of this year, nearly 2.5 million people filled prescriptions for more than 375 million doses of controlled substances such as OxyContin – nearly a third of the state’s residents, the article says.


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