Oxy Watchdog

Keeping An Eye On OxyContin

Oxy Memory Wall

Remembering those who have lost their lives to OxyContin and heroin addiction.


Adam Joseph DePaolo

Adam Joseph DePaolo was born on August 8th, 1983 and was my most beautiful gift ever! I had to return my gift on April 3rd, 2009 because drugs had worn him down, and he just could not face those demons anymore. He was my heart, my soul, my son and I loved him with everything I had! He is missed terribly every day!

Submitted by Debbie Donnelly


Patrick Daniel Daly

July 15, 1988 – February 4, 2009

Pat was a gentle soul who embraced life with an open heart and the biggest smile. He was well-loved, and his own love for his family and friends was unconditional and without boundaries. While his life was short, his adventures were many, and he knew no fear. He laughed and jumped out of trees and gave the warmest hugs. Pat loved exploring and learning about the world, and greeted everyone he met with a broad grin. He was the kindest person, and is missed deeply.


5 Responses to “Oxy Memory Wall”

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  2. Tammy said

    Lost my daughter this past spring…she started with oxycontin that a so called friend stole from his grandmother who had cancer–got hooked ended up on heroin, then methadone, at 24y/o lost her life to heroin–I miss her so much-she was a good person wanted to be liked & tried to please everyone and so beautiful.

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