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Ore. ranks number seven in painkiller, Oxy abuse

Posted by Oxy Watchdog on August 20, 2010

Oregon has the seventh highest rate of painkiller abuse in the U.S., according to this article in The Oregonian. Teens in the state rank number four in prescription drug abuse, such as OxyContin. However, the state is following the example of 38 other states in implementing a prescription drug monitoring program for doctors to track use of certain drugs.


2 Responses to “Ore. ranks number seven in painkiller, Oxy abuse”

  1. […] about Oregon’s implementation of the program here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Mass. officials wary of ‘less abusable’ […]

  2. Guinevere said

    Interested in your focus on electronic prescription monitoring programs. Though they’ve long been touted as a solution to doctor-shopping and “diversion,” how do they solve the problem of, for example, teens pilfering their parents’ drugs, or pain patients becoming addicted through treatment of legitimate pain? … Much better: Washington’s new law, and any policy that supports clinicians in learning to recognize addiction in the doctor’s office and help addicts, rather than punish us … My heart went out to you on reading of your brother. Thanks for your good work… keep it up. with every good wish, –G

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